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Where Can we Stay in Eldora?
The Village Motel - located at 2005 Edgington Avenue - 641-939-3441 Eldora Motel - located at 1315 23rd Street - 641-939-3441

We have a large bike club that would like to volunteer, who do we contact?
We would love to have anyone help with making this Trail Great - please email and we will be happy to contact you and discuss all the ways that you can help.

Once the Trail is open, who is allowed on?

After many discussions within the two groups getting this new adventure off the ground, and working with the engineers for this trail, it has been decided at this time that ATV/UTV and Equestrian user groups will not be allowed to utilize the trail. The main reasons were due to safety concerns and maintenance. Hardin County Trail Commission and TRAILS, Inc of Marshalltown both strive to make this the best multi-use trail that it can be, being able to welcome the vast amount of diverse people and user groups that we want to come to all of our communities.